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Galapagos Sky

Our trip on the Galapgos Sky was simply amazing. Everything is as described; the boat is spacious and comfortable and the service is beyond 5 stars. Most noteworthy, the cleanliness of the boat in general was impressive. Cabins and bathrooms serviced daily, water snack and warm towels waiting for us after the dive and meals were tasty. Will certainly return!

Liza & Damian

Stunning vessel! Everything was perfect!

The diving crew does an amazing job. Briefings were thorough and always relevant. We’ve even enjoyed what I call an ‘educational briefing’ on whale sharks and hammerheads. It was much welcome, very informative and it made diving with those creatures even more intriguing. The dives were great, always safe… a very neat operation!


The Galapagos Sky did not disappoint. Very clean boat at all times. Friendly and knowledgeable crew. Professional dive guides. When a little problem would show up, it would be promptly taken care of. A lot of small things such as rental gear has air leak, we change it and are good to go.  Some engines issues, the mechanics were working very hard. Otherwise, all went well! Incredible diving… perhaps the Galapagos are THE place to dive!


Galapagos Master

Luxury + Best diving in the world = Best week ever! You bet!

Okay, more about it now. First, it’s expensive, hell yeah. But is it totally worth it? Hell yeah! The Galapagos Master is great, neat and cozy. The crew is very nice, full of little attentions. The food we are served was excellent, with no exception. Plus, they catered to my fiancée’s vegetarian diet. The room was cozy, great quality in everything and power in the shower, etc. Felt like a 5 stars hotel in all points!

As for diving, that’s what brought us there and it was no disappointments! It’s been on our bucket list for years so we saved up a long time for this trip. Needless to say that swimming with dolphins and sea lions, seeing that whale shark, dozens of hammerheads and so many fishes made it so worth the saving and the trip!

Would we do it again, and on the same boat? Tomorrow! 🙂

Michael & Jody


Galapagos Aggressor 3

So worth breaking the piggy bank for! My husband and I had an incredible cruise on the Aggressor! Of course, the Galapagos Islands are amazing. Everything they promoted happened… Galapagos Sharks, turtles, manta rays, schools of hammerheads, eagle rays, marine iguanas, and much more.

About the vessel, everything was great. Space and comfort with great cuisine. The crew is friendly yet very professional. The dive team is knowledgeable and were often educating us (very seasoned divers in their 40s!)! Anyways! The Galapagos Islands are stunning. I would also suggest that you discover mainland Equator… beautiful country with charming people and a colourful culture!

Edna & Jack Meester

The Galapagos Aggressor 3 is a great boat! Not as luxurious as I would have thought but all in space and comfort. All the operation runs smoothly and the crew is always helpful, all smiles. We slept well, ate great food and relaxed. As for the diving, the Galapagos Islands are definitely standing up to their reputation! Incredible adventure it was! Thanks!


Humboldt Explorer

Great week on the Humboldt Explorer!

I was reading some mixed (positive or negative) reviews on a forum and I wasn’t quite sure about what to do. In the end, dates were matching and I found more great reviews. So I did it, and loved it. The diving was exceptional, the service on-board was correct and the food okay. So what I would say is that I feel like the boat is putting the price high for what is it. It’s not bad, it’s even very good… but it not high-end either (like what the pricing would reflect).
Just another opinion.


Great food, professional service and excellent diving. The Humboldt was amazing and the Galapagos are as beautiful as the reputation that precedes them. Recommending!



The Nortada to the Galapagos Islands

Our trip couldn’t have been better. The crew was genuinely nice and the dive team was brilliant. Seems like they always knew which sites we were better on… we saw so many many marine life! That being said, we missed on THE big one… but everybody else was there from sea lions to turtles and of course, uncountable sharks, including Galapagos and hammerheads. Plus, we greatly enjoy our stay on the boat, as well as the land excursion! The Nortada is a smaller liveaboard and it was great to feel like an extended family sharing a passion leading to great moments. Loved it and would recommend 100%! That’s a once in a lifetime voyage!


Hi! We took a 7 nights trip on the Nortada to go diving around the Galapagos Islands. We, a couple in their 30’s, are advanced divers with about 100 dives each. Diving with the Nortada was great, it’s our first liveaboard experience and we will sure try this formula again. The crew was amazing, very caring and leading us through informative briefings. I assume you know about the diving it self, let me just say that it is just like everybody says: extraordinary! We felt the El nino impact (summer 2016) but still we’ve got plenty of friends in the water. The set up on the boat it great, everything is neat and we particularly fell for the family-like ambiance on-board. We’ve had so much fun and were lucky to get well along with every fellow divers. Also, for those it may concern, I am vegetarian and I’ve had no issues at all. The food was simply amazing, and diverse enough.

Mathilde & Gab


Diving onboard the Astrea is of great value for money. I think it’s the cheapest liveaboard sailing the Galapagos Islands but life is good on it, I was perfectly happy with our non-luxurious choice!

The service is great and so was every meal. The package is all-inclusive, that’s great. Boat is spacious enough for the number of guest, we never felt cramped or anything. Great briefings and overall diving operation! And the diving, well… even with mediocre visibility on some sites… it’s stunning! Best diving ever, better than Raja and I said Raja was the best. Splurging it to get to the Galapagos is so worth every penny.

Selena & Mark

Incredible experience!

The Galapagos Islands are simply just as good as everybody says. Look no further.

The Astrea, great on all point. Nothing is cheap about their service. From the first e-mail to the last hand shake = AMAZING. Again, look no further.


The Astrea was amazing. The vessel was always kept clean and the crew was paying attention and trying to fulfill our every requests. The dishes were great, lot’s of choice. The room was cozy and had a private bathroom which we find very convenient. Great overall value for money. Wolf Island was incredible, that’s were we saw the most action. Darwin had a huge school of hammerheads as well, it was incredible. Diving the Galapagos was a dream… came true. I fully recommend.



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