Galapagos Master

Cabins & Layout

Built in 2004 and fully renovated in 2014, the Galapagos Master Liveaboard is a beautiful 32m yacht. Discovering the Galapagos Islands with this sturdy vessel will be a charm.

The Galapagos Master dive boat, formerly known as the Deep Blue, has 9 cabins, hosting a maximum of 16 diving guests. Every room has private storage facilities as well as private ensuite bathroom with hot water and single climate control. There is a spacious indoor lounge, comfortable with a complete entertainment system. Also, adjacent to the lounge is the large dining area. Featuring cushioned seating and a cocktail bar, the dining room welcomes you to eat delicious fares prepared by onboard chefs. You can also relax on the shaded lounge outside or sunbath on the top level’s sun deck.

galapagos master liveaboard layout

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Scuba Diving onboard Galapagos Master

The Scuba diving equipment is on the lower deck, there is plenty of space for everybody to gear up. The area was made spacious enough so you have individual set up and storage space. You can rinse your gear and cameras in one of the many tanks. Moreover, it you need a quick rinse, there are two showers on the dive deck for your convenience. Everything on the Galapagos Master liveaboard is designed to make your life easier.

Underwater Photography

The Galapagos Master is very well equipped to please the most discerning underwater photographer. First of all, the indoor lounge features a flat screen TV: there you can view and share your bests shots of the day. There is also a camera station inside the lounge and on the dive deck. Furthermore, the lounge camera station features many plugging outlets, storage drawers and ample space to work on the big cameras.

Itinerary  of Galapagos Master dive boat

The Galapagos Master diving boat proposes 7 nights or 10 nights itineraries and navigates year-round. While the days are usually organizing around 4 dives, this can be changing. Sometimes, the last dive is a night dive. Furthermore, the last 2 dives are sometimes turning into land excursions. This is great as you get to discover more of those beautiful islands.

Diving experience requirements: Scuba Diving in the Galapagos can be challenging, even for experienced divers. Due to the strong currents, it is recommended that divers have more than a beginner level, or that their logged-dive toll is higher than 50.

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Price & Schedule for the Galapagos Master

  • Full Room&Board
  • Recently refurbished
  • Lots of room for photo enthusiasts
  • Hot water
  • Outdoor showers
  • Large sun deck
  • Spacious dining and lounge area
  • Air-conditioned social areas
  • Much More +++
Rates 2016 – Galapagos Master Lower deck Middle and Upper decks
Master the Galapagos – 7 nights $4850 $4950
Master the Galapagos – 10 nights/14 nights $6250/$9050 $6400/$9200


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Recommended Requirements

It is advised to be an Advanced diver or to have equivalent experience. Indeed, the Galapagos can mean a lot of medium to strong currents, reduced visibility and colder waters. The requirements recommended by the Galapagos Sky are that you have : 50-100 logged dives, ability to enter small boats in choppy seas, ability to enter the water by back roll, ability to remove gear underwater, etc. Furthermore, you need to have experience and be comfortable with diving in currents and your buoyancy needs to be at point.

For more details on itinerary and requirements, please visit the Galapagos Master site.

Testimonials & Reviews

Luxury + Best diving in the world = Best week ever! You bet!

Okay, more about it now. First, it’s expensive, hell yeah. But is it totally worth it? Hell yeah! The Galapagos Master is great, neat and cozy. The crew is very nice, full of little attentions. The food we are served was excellent, with no exception. Plus, they catered to my fiancée’s vegetarian diet. The room was cozy, great quality in everything and power in the shower, etc. Felt like a 5 stars hotel in all points!

As for diving, that’s what brought us there and it was no disappointments! It’s been on our bucket list for years so we saved up a long time for this trip. Needless to say that swimming with dolphins and sea lions, seeing that whale shark, dozens of hammerheads and so many fishes made it so worth the saving and the trip!

Would we do it again, and on the same boat? Tomorrow! 🙂


Michael & Jody

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