Danubio Azul

Cabins & Layout

The Danubio Azul is a 22 meters cruise ship taking small groups on a beautiful Galapagos Islands adventure! 

Built in 2016, the Danubio Azul is the perfect boat for those seeking a small group liveaboard experience. The itineraries of 8 days and 7 nights cover the best diving sites of the Galapagos Islands! Plus, a naturalist guide is on-board, providing useful tips and information about the incredibly bio-diverse Galapagos Islands.


The Danubio Azul offers 5 cabins, welcoming only 10 passengers on each cruise. There are 3 cabins with bunk beds and one with side by side twin beds, ideal for dive buddies and friends. Plus, the last room offers a double bed. All of the cabins have a private bathroom as well as air conditioning. You will find plenty of storage to set up your belongings and luggage for the week!

Moreover, the Danubio Azul displays an outdoor lounge, bar and dining area. You will be served freshly cooked meals every day in a layout that allows a continuous view over the Galapagos Islands! You will also be able to enjoy the sundeck, partially shaded and filled with loungers.

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Scuba Diving onboard Danubio Azul Liveaboard

Diving is the main focus on the Danubio Azul and everything is organized to optimize your experience. The dive deck displays tanks and weights, which are included in the cruise prices. Also, wetsuits, snorkeling equipment and much more are available on the boat. Moreover, the scuba diving cruises are guided by a naturalist expert. Indeed, you will most likely learn a lot of interesting facts to complement the diving adventure!

Itinerary of the Danubio Azul around the Galapagos Islands

The Danubio Azul offers mainly diving cruise itineraries, but also naturalist cruises. The scuba diving cruise’s route goes from Baltra and takes you to the best dive sites of the Galapagos Islands! Indeed, you’ll pass by renowned places such as  Bartolome, Darwin, Punta Shark Bay and the Marshall Cape.

As for the naturalist cruises, the itineraries vary from 7 days and 8 nights to 4 days and 3 nights. The boat always leaves and return from Baltra, but takes to you a selection of islands depending on the trip’s duration. Rabida, Whale Bay, and Las Bachas beach are the main highlights of the cruises.

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Price & Schedule of this liveaboard for 2016

  • Full Room&Board
  • Comprehensive itineraries
  • Private Cabins with A/C
  • Sun deck
  • Covered outdoor area
Rates 2016 – Danubio Azul liveaboard Galapagos
Diving – 7 nights – 2018 US$3990
Naturalist – 7 nights – 2018 N/A

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Recommended Requirements

It is advised to be an Advanced diver or to have equivalent experience. Indeed, the Galapagos can mean a lot of medium to strong currents, reduced visibility and colder waters. The requirements recommended by the Galapagos Sky are that you have : 50-100 logged dives, ability to enter small boats in choppy seas, ability to enter the water by back roll, ability to remove gear underwater, etc. Furthermore, you need to have experience and be comfortable with diving in currents and your buoyancy needs to be at point.

For more details on itinerary and requirements, please visit the Danubio Azul’s site.

Testimonials & Reviews

Diving onboard the Astrea is of great value for money. I think it’s the cheapest liveaboard sailing the Galapagos Islands but life is good on it, I was perfectly happy with our non-luxurious choice!

The service is great and so was every meal. The package is all-inclusive, that’s great. Boat is spacious enough for the number of guest, we never felt cramped or anything. Great briefings and overall diving operation! And the diving, well… even with mediocre visibility on some sites… it’s stunning! Best diving ever, better than Raja and I said Raja was the best. Splurging it to get to the Galapagos is so worth every penny.

Selena & Mark

Incredible experience!

The Galapagos Islands are simply just as good as everybody says. Look no further.

The Astrea, great on all point. Nothing is cheap about their service. From the first e-mail to the last hand shake = AMAZING. Again, look no further.


The Astrea was amazing. The vessel was always kept clean and the crew was paying attention and trying to fulfill our every requests. The dishes were great, lot’s of choice. The room was cozy and had a private bathroom which we find very convenient. Great overall value for money. Wolf Island was incredible, that’s were we saw the most action. Darwin had a huge school of hammerheads as well, it was incredible. Diving the Galapagos was a dream… came true. I fully recommend.


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