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Galapagos Islands Diving Operators

Galapagos Islands Diving Operators

The Galapagos Islands are one of the premier diving destinations in the world. While a location that is on many diver’s bucket list, it is one that a relatively few are able to say they have dived there. All diving is done in the waters controlled by the Galapagos National Park Authority and they have designated 79 dive sites that may be visited by Scuba divers. A few of these sites are also shared with snorkelers. The majority of the dive sites are beyond the range of the land based dive centers and are enjoyed only by the Galapagos Island liveaboard fleet.

The liveaboard industry rules the diving in the Galapagos Islands with most divers taking the liveaboards north for the best diving in the world. These dives are for experienced divers only. The dive centers around the central islands offer divers a variety of dive sites that are open to a wider range of diver skills including the possibility of becoming an open water diver.

While the land based diving represents a smaller portion of the dive industry in Galapagos Islands they do lead divers to outstanding dive sites. You will find that the park regulations only allow smaller groups to dive in the park, so you will not see day dive boats with dozens even a hundred divers on board. Some of the dive operators provide island hopping trips. These are multiple day trips that visits dive sites at the different islands, however, overnight stays are at different land based resorts.

galapagos liveaboard albatross resort

Photo Credit: Albatross Dive Resort Galapagos

Here is a run down of some of the dive operators in the Galapagos Islands:

  • Eagleray Tours Viajes y Turismo, Santa Cruz Galapagos Islands, This PADI dive resort offers daily trips to the dive sites around Santa Cruz in the central islands. They are also a land tour operator.
  • Galapagos Tip Top Dive & Training Facility Puerto Ayora Galapagos Islands, This 5 star PADI Instructor Development Resort Center is the leader in dive training in the Galapagos. They offer a full range of dive training and have a dedicated training dive boat holding no more than 6 students. They also manage the dive operations and bookings of the liveaboard NORTADA. Day trips are booked by Tip Top dive with other local dive operators.
  • Dive Center Silberstein Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, The Silberstein Dive Center re-opened under family management in 2006. It is located directly in front of The Hotel Silberstein in Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz. Their dive boat “Fioval” has a length of 9.50m (31ft) and beam of 2.90m (9.5ft). They sail with a maximum of 8 divers, plus 2 guides, the Captain and sailor.
galapagos divers boat

The Albatross Dive Resort’s Boat

  • Albatros Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, based in the beautiful Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. They are among the most elite dive operations in the Galapagos and have been hosting land and marine tours since 1999.
  • Galapagos Travellers Dive Center : with 23 years of experience in tourism as a member of a dive crew – the last 12 year as a Naturalist Dive Guide on cruise boats. Luis Alberto Jara Mosquera decided to create Traveling Ecuador, offering to his costumers different tour services in the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Travellers is certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors PADI and Galapagos National Park. They operate a daily dive boat “BALLET AZUL” that takes up to 10 Scuba divers to the local dive sites.

  • Red Mangrove Dive Center offers diving packages for all level of divers. They have four resorts in the Galapagos islands, however, the diving is centered on Red Mangrove Divers Lodge Puerto Ayora – Santa Cruz Galápagos Islands. Here is where most of the training happens. This resort does offer some longer programs including an island hopping program that has the divers staying at different resorts over the course of the trip. The program is excellent for any diver but it is a great alternative to a liveaboard for those who also want land explorations. The days are scheduled so that each diver does two dives and has time for land based tours.
galapagos liveaboard academy bay divers

Academy Bay Dive Boat

  • Academy Bay Diving Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island. Academy Bay Diving is a family owned and operated company, dedicated to providing excellence in customer service throughout the Galapagos Islands. They have been in operation since 2006, and have grown from a small 2 person operation with a small fibreglass panga to a dive and tour operator employing over 10 staff and diving from a purpose built dive boat.
  • Scuba Iguana Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz. SCUBA IGUANA arranges a variety of Galapagos diving adventures and PADI scuba certification courses designed to help discover the most impressive sites in the Galapagos – one of the “Seven Underwater Wonders of the World”. The center operates two dive vessels each 10 meters long carrying 10 Passengers, 2 Guides, the Captain and a crew member.
  • Wreck Bay Diving Center San Cristobal, Few dive operators visit the dive sites around this island, this gives them a great deal of flexibility visiting sites.
  • Galapagos Blue Evolution Isla San Cristobal this dive center offers open water diver training as well as daily dive trips.

Before making a reservation with any of these dive centers contact them for details of their offerings. Generally the dive center offer packages only.



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