What does the Galapagos Islands Cost

What does the Galapagos Islands Cost

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The Galapagos Islands have a reputation to being an expensive destination, however, that might not be a true representation when compared to other destinations. Granted most items need to be shipped into the islands adding to their prices, however, the variety of options make the destination affordable if you need it to be. A review of the typical cost for a Scuba diver might give you a better understanding of the cost.

Galapagos Island Liveaboard Cost

As the majority of divers come to the Galapagos Islands for the liveaboard diving, that is a good point to start. There are six major liveaboards that offer diving trips. As the trips are regulated by the Park Authority they offer the same diving. Where they differ is in the on board services and the luxury of the liveaboard. The 25m Astrea Liveaboard is the least expensive of the group. They offer a 8 day/ 7 night dive trip for $415 a day. They can also be used to illustrate the different pricing between diving liveaboards and naturalist liveaboards. The same vessels does 8 day/ 7 night naturalist trips at $350 a night. The most expensive of the departures belongs to a member of the Aggressor Fleet, MV Galapagos Aggressor III, at $723 a night. This is about the same as the fleets Coco Islands Costa Rica Cruises but double the one they do in the Cayman Islands.

Island Hopping Dive Trips

Some of the dive operators offer an alternative to the liveaboards that are best for experienced divers. Called Island hopping, these trips combine diving, land tours and stays at island resorts. The diver will start at one island with a day or two exploring the dive sites around the island. The dives are in the morning with the afternoon generally devoted to land tours. Over the course of the trip the dive boat will take the divers to another island. Divers will then repeat the process with new dive sites and a new resort to stay at night. These trips start at around $275 a day for budget accommodations, Luxury programs can run up to $450 a day.

Diving Prices

The prices of the day diving is hard to determine. None of the dive operators post the price per dive on their websites. When they do post prices it is as a package price with multiple days and including rooms. Inquires, however, do reveal that a 2 tank dive will be around $150 and a three tank dive around $190. Most of the Galapagos dive operators include lunch and equipment except for dive computers which are mandatory. If you do not have one, you must rent one.

The packages that the dive resorts offer vary by resorts and number of days. A 6 night trip with 3 full days of diving and 2 days of land tours will be from $1,600 to $3,400 depending on the hotel.

Land Tours

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The cost of land tours on a DIY bases will depend on the location of the tours. For a tour that does not need boat transportation $30 per day is an average price. Please note that any entry into the National Park requires that you be guided by a licensed guide, and no motor vehicle are allowed in the park. Tours to distanced islands may cost up to $120.

Additional Cost

There are a few additional cost in the fine print that you need to be aware of. First will be the “Transit Control Card” or TCT (in Spanish, tarjeta de control de tránsito ) which cost $20 and must be obtained before leaving the main land. Upon arrival in Galapagos Island visitors must pay $100 park fee. Dive insurance is mandatory and should be obtained before arriving. Most liveaboards and dive operators require a fee to support the local decompression chamber. This is about $32 a week.

The Liveaboards

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